Gerbils of all ages

Gerbils have different body shapes and sizes at different ages. Note the changing proportions of the body parts at each age. Look closely and you'll see the differences.

Gerbils are generally pretty variable in appearance.

Newborn pups are tiny and pale. You can see what colour their eyes will be but not much more. Pink eyed gerbils will be pink or very pale gray; colourpoints, underwhites and dilutes will be medium gray, black eyed gerbils will be nearly black. If they've been fed, you can see the milk through their skin in their tummies in the day 1 pic (litter includes LCP agouti, siamese, LCP slate, slate and black).

Soon enough the skin pigment develops and you can start to guess what colours and patterns they might be. The day 2 and 3 litter includes black, slate, agouti and gray agouti. See how much they darken between the second and third day.

1 day 2 days 3 days

The pups continue to grow and their pigment develops. Their ears start to look like ears instead of knobs. Day 4 shows a pied agouti and a black (both lightened a bit as they're Eef). Day 5 is the same litter as day 1 (LCP agouti, siamese, LCP slate, slate and black). Day 6 is a siamese pup showing the dark gray eyes and pale skin.

4 days 5 days 6 days

The hair finally begins to grow. Day 8 is an LCP agouti pup. Day 9 are light dark-eyed honey and honey cream. Day 10 is gray agouti.

8 days 9 days 10 days

The pups are getting more mobile. They can find their way back to the nest by smell if they escape. They can't see since their eyes are still closed. Day 11 are pied doves and argente. Their eyes will be red. Day 12 is gray agouti and day 13 is pied agouti; both will have black eyes.

11 days 12 days 13 days

Their eyes can open any day now, both eyes not necessarily on the same day. They might run around one-eyed for a while. Day 16 is siamese at the back, spotted siamese on the right, and pied sapphire in front. Day 17 is pied argente. Day 18 is black.

16 days 17 days 18 days

Now they're really starting to look like real gerbils. Day 20 is DEH (dark-eyed honey). Day 21, there's a slate pup in front of the black pups at the back, golden agouti centre, gray agouti right. Day 22 is siamese.

20 days 21 days 22 days

Day 23 is gray agouti at the water bottle. She's tiny beside a regular 8 oz (250 ml) water bottle. Day 24 is pied sapphire. Day 25 is gray agouti.

23 days 24 days 25 days
4 weeks 4.5 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 6.5 weeks 7 weeks 7.5 weeks 8 weeks 8 weeks with adult 9 weeks and 4 weeks 9.5 weeks 10 weeks 10.5 weeks 11 weeks

Male gerbils are usually a bit bigger than female gerbils. The difference may increase with age.

3 months female 3 months male 3.5 months male 4 months male 4.5 months male 4.5 months female 5 months female 5 months male 5.5 months male 6 months male 6 months female 6.5 months male 7 months female 8 months female 8 months male 8.5 months male 9 months male 9 months female 10 months female 11 months male 12 months female

They don't grow any more but some continue to gain weight with age. As they approach 4 years, or even sooner, they may begin to show signs of old age. Or not. It's a very individual thing.

13 months male with 6 week pup 15 months male 16 months female with 8 week pup 20 months male 21 months male 21 months female 23 months male 25 months female 27 months female 28 months female 36 months male 37 months female 39 months male 47 months female 48 months male

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